What To Do After Your Massage

You’ve just had a massage with a Myomaster … and you liked it.

But you’ve been put through the wringer … literally. Your Myomaster kneaded, stroked, pulled and squeezed your muscles so that they declench and become softer. This has mobilised metabolic waste for your system to process. Hormones are coursing through your body and you feel hungry.

Massage has a profound effect on your body and how you feel. Relaxation massage helps you to feel calm and relaxed. While a remedial massage helps to improve your movement and reduce pain.

You’re body goes through a lot massage stimulates natural reactions in your body encouraging it to process and repair – this takes time and energy.

While a massage may feel great at the time, feeling sore after might be a bit of a surprise. Any muscle soreness shouldn’t last any more than 48 hours.

Everybody is different and every body is different. It is normal for you to feel some of these after your massage:

  • Relaxed, energetic and light
  • Tired, heavy and lethargic
  • Headache
  • Muscle soreness and aching
  • Chills or mild temperature
  • Blocked or runny nose
  • Mild nausea
  • Thirsty
  • Hungry or no appetite
  • Need to wee more frequently
  • Need to poo several times
  • Restless sleep (particularly if muscles hurt)
  • Deeper or sounder sleep
  • Heightened or unexplained emotions and outbursts

These reactions are all perfectly normal and will usually settle within 24 hours. Call us if you are you concerned about how you feel?

Be Kind To Yourself

Go for a short walk, or sit quietly for a while. Try not to throw yourself back into demanding or stressful situations.

Keep Warm

Your body temperature can drop during massage, so make sure you wear layers to keep your muscles warm.

Eat Well

Feeling peckish? Massage stimulates digestion. Start with a healthy snack or eat a light meal. Your tummy will thank you.

Drink Right

Massage mobilises metabolic waste. You might feel thirsty. Minimise alcohol and coffee and reach for water instead.


Gentle exercise after massage is great. Avoid heavy exercise as you’re more prone to injury right now.

Turn Out The Lights

If you are feeling tired and a bit sore, then getting an early night and plenty of rest will help your body self repair.

Book Again

Snag your favourite time and book now. Have something to look forward to and keep in mind how great you feel.


Want to keep on top of things? If you’ve had a remedial treatment, your Myomaster has probably given you a few tips and tricks to help keeping you moving off of the massage table.  This might include:

  • Recommended course of treatment
  • Stretching
  • Activities to best support you
  • Products to use such as magnesium or a spikey ball
  • Referral to another health professional


Do you have questions following your treatment? Get in contact with us.  Call 0424 740 243 or send us an e-mail hello@myomasters.com.au

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