Corporate Massage Program

Are you looking for ways to inspire, motivate and retain your most valuable asset – your staff?

Boost morale, reduce stress, minimise injuries and build loyalty with work place massage.

The MYOMASTERS Corporate Massage program is a preventative medicine to combat stress, tension and pain. A qualified therapist visits your work place with all equipment needed to provide seated massage.

Since our signature massage is a seated neck and shoulder massage, we do not require any specialised equipment – minimising the impact on your staff’s workflow.

Our therapists target areas that hold tension in the neck and shoulders, helping to alleviate stress, fatigue and soreness. Not only do our massages provide benefits to employees’ physical health, but massage has also been shown to aid mental and emotional wellbeing.

Let MYOMASTERS help you towards your best year yet.

The Details

MYOMASTRES therapists can be booked at an hourly rate of $110.00 (inc GST).

We have a minimum visit booking time of three hours.

We bring everything that we need to care for and nurture your staff.

You provide a private space such as a meeting room, or a clear space for the therapist to work safely.

The Facts

Did you know that work cover costs, sick leave and staff turnover are the biggest expenses for companies? Numerous studies conducted have proven time and again that massage can help relieve the emotional, mental and physical aches and pains that everyday living brings.[1]

  • During 1985-2008, 57.8% of Work Safe claims were musculoskeletal afflictions.[2]
  • Prior to 1999, stress related claims were below 4%. In 2007/08, percentages reached 8.7%.[3]
  • 53% of Australian workers feel overwhelmed with stress and pressure most of the time. Work related stress cost Australian business over $200million annually. [4]
  • Annually, absenteeism costs Australian business approx. $7 billion.[5]
  • Back injuries, RSI and stress related claims are more expensive than the average claim. [6]
  • A major cause of absenteeism is stress, which can cause migraines, neck pain, insomnia and depression. Occupational stress may translate into everything from high staff turnover to conflict.
  • In 2005-06, presenteeism, or loss of productivity is estimated to cost the Australian economy $25.7 billion, four times the cost of absenteeism.[7]
  • On average, six days of productivity are lost for each employee annually due to presenteeism.[8]
  • Investing in employee health and wellbeing is a win-win situation. Employees experience improved health and wellbeing, while companies realise more productivity from their employees. [9]

Statistics show that implementing regular stress management seated massage treatments has a long term goal of developing and maintaining happy, pain free employees that are well motivated, more productive and focused, and absent less often.

Call us today and ask how we can help you to improve employee satisfaction, loyalty and productivity through corporate massage.

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