Free Massage


Do you believe that massage would make your work place a happier place?
So do we!  Raise or donate to our preferred charity and we’ll donate a whole day of massage to you.


You’re work place that cares about making the lives of others better.  Giving generously of your own profits, and encouraging your staff to give generously is at the core of your values.  We want to talk to you.

Have you thought about massage at work?  It’s nothing new really.  According to research, massage at work boosts morale, reduces stress, minimises injuries and helps build loyalty.  It also boots mental and emotional health.  Seriously … massage is really that good!

In 2021, we’re looking for 10 businesses with a giving heart.  If your workplace commits to and raises $2,000 or more for our charity of choice, we will say thank you by sending a massage therapist to you for a whole day.

For a team of 7 or 8 that could mean an hour of massage each or for 20 staff – 25 minutes each.

Next time you are planning a corporate giving or fun charity day at your work, give us a call. We’d love to support and reward you.

Our Charity

At Myomasters, we have a charity that is close to our heart. It is the Ronald McDonald House Charitities South Australia.

RMHC SA provide accommodation and supports to families from rural and remote areas who are accessing life saving and life changing medical care here in Adelaide.  This service keeps families together when they need it most.

We have a perosnal connection with RMHC SA are we’re touched by the stories of the families who stay there.  This is why we donate our time and resources to them.

The details

Like you, we apprciate a bit of notice – so start your planning early. We love this charity so we’ll be eager to support your fund raising ideas. We’ll provide you with a link for your donation.

We’ll come to you bringing all necessary equipment and supplies. Our therapists are trained to Australian standards, members of professional associations and are fully insured to provide our service at your work place.

You just need to provide a safe and quiet space for our therapist to work. Simplz.

Next time you’re looking at opportunities for corporate giving, think about Ronald McDonald House Charities South Australia and think about Myomasters Massage.

Ronald McDonald House Charities South Australia

About Myomasters

Everything that we do is about living.  Movement is living.  Movement is fun.

As massage therapists we care for people, and we use hands on techniques to treat a range of conditions. We are experts at working with muscles and soft tissue and in calming the nervous system.

Myomasters was founded by David Clayton (Senior Therapist) in 2016. Inspired by over 20 years of martial arts training, he adopted the virtues of bushido as the core principles of this massage practice – being integrity, respect, courage, honour, compassion honesty and loyalty.

While we work predominately with the everyday human, we also work with many vulnerable communities.  This is why we are passionate about giving to organisations wh provide support to people in need.  At MYOMASTERS we value all humans. We welcome, nurture and celebrate diversity in people of all size, race, age, religion, gender and sexuality; treating them with compassion and respect. We are a body positive and LGBTIQ+ friendly practice.

Visit our practice in Modbury (20 minutes North East of the Adelaide CBD). Our rooms are warm, safe, quiet and intimate spaces and we treat humans of every size, shape, and age.

Work Place Massage

The MYOMASTERS Corporate Massage program empowers workplaces to boost morale, reduce stress, minimise injuries and build loyalty through regular onsite massage. A qualified therapist visits your workplace with all equipment needed to provide seated massage.

Not only do our massages provide benefits to employees’ physical health, but massage has also been shown to aid mental and emotional wellbeing.

You provide a private space such as a meeting room, or a clear space for the therapist to work safely.

We provide:
Quality massage from experienced therapists
Therapists with nationally recognised qualifications and industry membership
Therapists with comprehensive PI / PL Insurance
All equipment and consumables



Whether you’re ready to organise something now or just want to know more, fill in the details below.  We’re excited to be on this journey of generosity with you.