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Massage Classes for Couples

In this one hour course for beginners, you’ll learn how to give your partner a massage and feel like a Pro. Increase Intimacy Through Intentional Touch and Supercharge Your Relationship

Learn the art of touch

Do you ever reach that point in a day where you just wish that someone would rub your hands or feet, or knead your shoulders?
What if that someone was the person who knew you and loved you the most? The person you chose to spend your life with?

Massage from your partner speaks so much – in a few simple strokes you’ll say (and hear): “I love you”, “You mean so much to me,” “You deserve this,” “I want to care for you.” 

When you reach out with tender touch, you create emotional closeness.
This is especially true if the primary love language of your spouse is physical touch.
You may say, “What if I’m just not a toucher? I didn’t grow up in a touchy-feely family.”
The good news is that you too can learn to speak this love language.

This is for you if...

What’s really great is that you probably do not need to buy any special equipment (unless you really want to). You’ll be able to use things you probably have around the home already.

Learning massage is easy and fun

Are you thinking about buying flowers again? But what if your partner is looking for something else?

Skilful, tender and intentional touch. More meaningful than a playful smack on the bum or a clumsy grope in bed!

What if you were able to lovingly caress their scalp, kneed their shoulders and feet and magically soothe sore, tired muscles AND communicate with your hands just how much you love them?

Inside the program you’ll watch over my shoulder and follow my simple massage techniques, to learn how to give a nurturing massage with intention and care.

Not the “ouchy” massage you find at the mall, or the sterile, high precision massage of a clinic.

But a tender, intentional and skilful massage, between yourselves, at any time that suits you.

. Learning to massage your partner is easier than you think is a whole lot of fun and can take the intimacy in your relationship to another level.


man massaging woman on her shoulders as they smile

Soothing and Nurturing Massage Course Material in Just 60 Minutes

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Couples Who Massage Each Other Have Stronger Relationships, heaps of studies support this. Why shell out money at a spa when you can access professional simple training from a seasoned massage expert in the comfort of your own home.

Here's what you get..

Module 1.1
SUPERCHARGING your relationship with massage, setting up & recommended oils for massage.​
Module 2.1
Tantalising Head and Face massage techniques
Module 2.2
Oh so heavenly foot massage.
Module 2.3
Relaxing effective awkwar-LESS hand massage
Module 2.4
Easy and unforgettable front and back of leg massages
Module 2.5
Back, Neck and Shoulder massage for relaxation, tension relief and sometimes playful foreplay 😉

Nice to meet you, I’m David Clayton

I’m David, a professional massage therapist in Adelaide, Australia. I’ve been massaging people for over 20 years now. As much and many come to me with aches and pains, many are just looking for someone to touch them with kind in tensions.  It’s almost like giving a professional hug 😊

I want to tell you something.  Even as a professional massage therapist – I LOVE it when my partner (a school teacher) massages me.  The intention of her touch is just different to going to see someone.

My passion for massage began as a child.  My parents often massaged each other and they also massaged their children (including me!).  The importance of human touch has been at the centre of who I am since birth.

Often when I treat people I hear that they are craving nurturing touch at home.  Their partner doesn’t understand how important touch is or is afraid of hurting them or giving a “rubbish massage”.

So for the last 6 years I’ve been teaching people who love each other to increase their intimacy and supercharge their relationship using massage.

I’m passionate about helping you to be able to love each other through touch.  I will give you simple skills to give a wonderful relaxing and nurturing massage.  Help each other to destress and unwind.  To listen with your hands and your heart. To have a bit of fun and to supercharge your relationship together.

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