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Supercharge Your Working Day With Lunchtime Massage

Imagine this.  Constant phone calls. Changing priorities. Meetings.  Reports to write.  Emails to respond to. Stand up sit down.  Get this.  Ship that.  Pick it up.  Put it down. Phone’s ringing.  Customer enquiries.  Staffing issues. Difficult conversations.

Sound familiar?

Working long hours can leave you feeling stiff, sore and fatigued. Rushing to meetings. Coping with peak hour traffic and sitting too long at the computer can lead to stress and exhaustion. If left untreated, stress can spiral into chronic feelings of tension.

53% of Australian workers feel overwhelmed with stress and pressure most of the time. Work related stress cost Australian business over $200 million annually (The Health of Australia’s Workforce’ Medibank Private Report. 2005). A major cause of absenteeism at work is stress, which can cause migraines, neck pain, insomnia and depression. Occupational stress may translate into everything from high staff turnover to conflict.

What if I told you that in 20 minutes, I can lower your blood pressure, ease your neck and back pain, improve your concentration and lift your mood?

Massage.  Quiet room. Gentle music. Comfortable table. Magnificent therapist with amazing techniques.  The most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Massage is about moving better and feeling better so that you can be the best you can possibly be.  It can arm you with the inner strength to deal with whatever the day throws at you.

Our 20 Minute Express Massage is perfect when craving time out or a quick tune up and are short on time.  And if you’re new to massage, give yourself 20 minutes to tune in to your body’s needs, and tune out the stresses of the day.  You’ll be glad you did!

Foot massage, hand massage, head massage or neck back and shoulders.  Oil free.  Enjoy a coffee next door and go for a walk.

At Myomasters, we want to make massage more accessible so that you can fit it into your normal day.  The traditional appointment is an hour long – perfect when you don’t have to rush from A to B.  However, if all you have is a half hour lunch break – you’ll be surprised just how much better you can feel in just 20 minutes.

The result? Feel more comfortable at the desk. Move better. Cope better. Greater tolerance. Improved concentration. And you’ve just done something for yourself.

David Clayton is the Principal Remedial Therapist at Myomasters Massage and David Clayton Remedial Therapies located in the inner north and north east of Adelaide.  He has a passion for supporting humans to live the lives they were to born to live using massage and soft tissue therapies.  He has a particular interest in assisting people to recover from stress, anxiety and trauma using compassionate and nurturing touch.

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