There’s 168 hours in a month and we might only see you for one of those.  Anything that you can do to help yourself to move better and feel better is a great thing.  That’s why we have chosen a selection of products to help you to discover and unleash your inner superhero.

MgLIFE Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil 125mL

$ 25.00

Doterra Ice Blue Rub

Ice Blue Athletic Cream
by dōTERRA

$ 51.00

Spikey Massage Ball

Spikey Massage Ball
by Myomasters

$ 10.00

Recovery Bath Salt Blend

Recovery Bath Salt Blend 1.5KG
by Myomasters

$ 20.00

Myomasters Gift Certificate

Massage Gift Certificate
by Myomasters

From $85.00

Claire's Balm

Claire’s Balm 25g
by Highland Wax Co.

$ 14.00

Doterra Hand and Body Lotion

Hand and Body Lotion 200mL
by dōTERRA

$ 32.00

Doterra Cirus Bliss Hand Lotion

Citrus Bliss Hand Lotion 75mL
by dōTERRA

$ 15.00

Doterra Balance Essential Oil

Balance Essential Oil Blend
by dōTERRA

$ 36.00