At Myomasters we are passionate about supporting humans to make an impact and leave a legacy in their communities.  We support a several clubs and charities who are active in supporting at risk and marginalised communities.

We’re looking for ambassadors to spread the news about how massage and tactile therapies helps them to be excellent at what they do and in turn bless the people and communities around them.

Are you a club or an individual who would benefit from massage and/or financial support? Contact us using the form below.

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Ride for Sick Kids 2018

David (Director and Principal Therapist) is supporting this years Ride for Sick Kids in logistics and as a massage therapist to the riders.  In the 2018 tour, 26 riders will ride 1000km from Port Lincoln to Adelaide riasing money for Ronald McDonald House.

Why we’re supporting Ride for Sick Kids:

We’re passionate about supporting families to stay together.  Australia has a world class heealth system.  For children from reginal and remote areas, those with serious illness or requiring specialist health care, must travel to capital cities to receive this care. Sometime this care can last for weeks or even months.  Accomodation can be expensive during this time.  Ronald McDonald House provides a place to stay that is super close to Adleaides Women’s and Childrens Hospital, ensuring that families can stay together during these stressful times.

For more information visit: RMHC Ride for Sick Kids SA

To donate to the 2018 Ride for Sick Kids visit: Support Myomasters to Support Families

Adelaide Spikers Volleyball Club

Adelaide Spikers Volleyball Club

Adelaide Spikers Volleyball Club (a member of Team Adelaide Inc) is an inclusive club supporting Gay and Gay friendly persons to play social volleyball.  The ASVC organises a range of competitive and recreational activities for its members.  This remarkable club also organises a national tounament held in November each year.

Why we support the Adelaide Spikers Volleyball Club

Myomasters is passionate about supporting marginalised and at risk communities to have access to have safe places to live, work and play and especially to have access to body positive health care.  We’re super impressed by the connections of this Club, it’s inclusiveness and its proactiveness in the Adelaide community.

For more information visit: Adelaide Spikers Volleyball Club

Polio Australia

Polio Australia – Health and Wellness Retreat 2018

Polio Australia is committed to standardising quality polio information and service provision across Australia for polio survivors. Polio Australia’s Vision is that all polio survivors in Australia have access to appropriate health care and the support required to maintain independence and make informed lifestyle choices.

Why we support Polio Australia:

Like us, you might have thought that Polio had been eradicated worldwide.  Sadly this is not true – there are polio outbreaks just a plane flight away.  Persons who contracted polio in Australia in the 1930 – 1960s are still alive today.  At that time, children were taken from their families and kept in institutions like the Crippled Children’s Association.

Little is taught in health schools about supporting persons with Post Polio Syndrome.  Muscle contractures and body pain due to nerve damage do not respond well to traditional body work.

Myomasters therapists use a particularly gentle form of massage and body work to support to provide short to medium term relief of these symptoms.

For more information visit: Polio Australia

Compasion Australia

Compassion Australia

Myomasters is driven to make an impact and leave a legacy.  Organisations like Compassion Australia believe that no child should live in poverty and we agree.  We’ve supported children (in our families and through this business) for many years.  We support children in Australia (through the club and organisations we sponsor) and overseas (through organisations like Compassion).

Currently we are supporting a young girl in Indonesia.  We love receiving updates and learning how she is progressing with her education, and the impact that Compassion has made on her community.

For more information visit: Compassion Australia

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