Hope Valley

Our Hope Valley Clinic is Open Again

So you’re not going to find us at the old address!

Getting Here

You are coming in to a residential area.  While this is a “home based business”, it’s not inside my home!  So we can be a little tricky to find. The clinic space is on Pompoota Road, not far from Modbury High School.  You are looking for a long cream fence with a gate in it – there is a Stobie pole by the gate.  Park here and come on in.  Attendance is by prior booking only.


Turn on to Pompoota Road from Reservoir Road and follow it most of the way to the end.  Parking is on the street right out front our studio space.

• 271 to Tea Tree Plaza or the City – Stop 41, then walk 700m down Pompoota Road

Seriously Good Massage

Without The Fluff

Are you ready for an amazing massage? Book a session online through the button below. Are you wanting a massage but not sure what you need? Contact us with your enquiry and we will happily help you out.