Massage for Stress & Anxiety

Have you forgotten what it feels like to feel calm? Difficulty sleeping? Shoulders around your ears? Feeling overwhelmed? Hands and jaw clenched?

Massage can help you to settle your nerves so that you can reclaim your calm, be more productive and less snappy with family & coworkers.

Massage can help you:

Massage for stress, anxiety or depression is designed to be as relaxing and supportive for you as possible.

We may or may not use oil – depending on what you feel like. The massage may have a focus on nurturing holds such as around the head and stomach.  And we may also address pain points at your request (such as neck pain) commonly associated with stress.

We also have a special blend of essential oils (if you like them).

Choose soothing music, acoustic melodies or the sweet sound of silence.

Let us help you to regain and retain your strength, energy and ability to enjoy living.  Book your appointment online today.

Seriously Good Massage

Without The Fluff

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