Myomasters Massage

MYOMASTERS – Masters of Massage

We were born to move and moving is fun. Movement is living.

At MYOMASTERS we love using massage to help you to move better, feel better and recover faster so that you can love the body you have and have the strength, energy and ability to do the things you love.

We exist to empower ordinary humans to live extraordinary lives.

We are experts in all areas of massage and have a special interest in:

  • supporting you to manage the effects of stress, anxiety and depression
  • improving movement and relieving pain associated with old injuries, accidents and trauma
  • supporting you to be active and stay active
  • managing discomfort from chronic pain conditions

We put back in what life takes out.

We are experts in massage – supporting ordinary humans to do extraordinary things.  We especially love using a special form of massage that we call “Remedial-axation”.

It’s remedial massage to help you move better and over come pain and it feels great too.  We use a blend of swedish, deep tissue and trigger point along with myofascial release to melt though muscle and iron out your kinks.  It’s therapeutic and pain relieving, but also comfortable and relaxing.

Reduce Pain & Improve Movement

We use remedial massage techniques to reduce pain and help you to move better.

Relax, Recharge & Enjoy Massage

Take time out for yourself. Enjoy a flowing relaxation massage to soothe and calm your muscles and your mind.

Stay Active & Enjoy Living

We love to help you to be the best you can be in the activities that you enjoy.  Recover from strenuous activity and improve range of movement.

Calm the Mind & Restore the Soul

We love helping you to be the best version of yourself. Use massage to destress, turn down the volume on anxiety and replenish your soul.

Massage for most humans great and small

Our rooms in Bowden and Hope Valley are warm, safe and intimate spaces.

We want to help you to reduce your pain and to experience the joy of pain free movement and to love the body that you have today.

We value each and every body that comes through the door and we want to honour every body who visits us.  We cannot cater to every bodytype though.  Our tables are weight limited to 140 Kg.  And not all of our premises have street level access and some door ways are narrow.

If you are visiting us in a wheelchair, mobility scooter or have a mobility aid – please call us so that we can arrange safe entry for you.

We are a body positive and LGBTIQ+ friendly practice.


What clients are saying

If you are suffering from back pain (like I have for the past god knows how many years) or any type of body pain, you must go and see David.


Very professional, great expertise and knowledge in the field so I know I can trust that I’m having the best treatment possible for pains and niggles I need ironing out.


David takes time to ask and to understand what is causing me pain and discomfort and offers an explanation which has always been spot on. Unlike most other massages I’ve had that just feel good at the time but does not offer relief afterwards, David’s treatment always focuses on the root cause and gives me long term relief without me leaving feeling bruised and battered.


Absolutely amazing. Feel amazing and so much better after only 3 appointments. Been really struggling with neck and back problems and David is the first person who is actually making a difference.


It was the perfect pressure and my neck & back have never felt better.


Amazingly helpful massage, knows exactly what he’s doing to assist your body in helping to heal itself. Very accommodating when I needed to change my time at late notice, thank you so so much will definitely be back.


Our Locations


Find us at Total Body Chiropractic

18-20 Hawker St

Bowden SA 5007

Hope Valley

51 Pompoota Road

Hope Valley SA 5090