LGBTIQ+ Friendly Massage

At Myomasters we know that finding a great massage is like finding a best friend or soul mate.  Why else would you let a stranger place their hands on your body?  You need to feel comfortable from the very beginning about who you choose to trust with your body and your health.

We are a body positive practice. And we are an LGBTIQ+ friendly practice.

At Myomasters we are experts in massage and all our therapists are qualified, accredited and members of professional associations.  That’s all well and good to say because lots of other therapists are too.  We haven’t seen it all, and every person is a unique human to teach us.

Everything that we do is about living and empowering humans to love the body that they have today, to do the things they love to do and to love the lives they live.  We want our humans to create the best life that they can possible have and to love the people around them.  We want these humans to regain and retain their strength, energy and ability to enjoy living.

In short, we love using massage to help humans to move better, feel better and recover faster.  Going for a massage is more than just letting someone rub you with oil for an hour.  It should be a nurturing and caring experience – like getting a brain hug.

We Care

Some therapist’s say that sexuality, gender assigned at birth and gender identity doesn’t matter to them.  They don’t care “because they treat everyone the same”.  However, at Myomasters we know that every human is not the same.  And we do care about who you are and how you identify.  If it’s important to you then it’s important to us – and as a human you matter to us.

We want you to know that massage is usually practiced with oil, skin to skin and would usually require you to undress.  Oil based massage is really relaxing – if you are comfortable with undressing.  But what if you’re not comfotrable with your body – or your not comfortable with another person seeing your body?

However, we are skilled in many different types of massage that don’t require you to undress.  Just speak to us about what you want to get out of your massage and we will talk with you about some options.

Not entirely inclusive

There’s a few things we need to know because we simply cannot be inclusive of all humans.

  • Our tables have a weight restriction of 140kg and we cannot safely provide good quality care to a person above this weight
  • We have ramp access up to a threshold. If you do have mobility limitations (perhaps you use a scooter) we need to know this so that we can help you safely access our clinic spaces.
  • We have an all gender toilet in the treating space – it is private.


As a professional practice, by law we need to keep detailed records.  Anything you choose to disclose in writing or in conversation is confidential.

There are times when we must disclose your information:

  • When you ask us to do so – perhaps to another health professional
  • To comply with a lawful request to supply information
  • If we believe that you are a threat to yourself or another person
  • Where we are mandated to do so – for example to report suspected abuse of a child or domestic violence

You’re in control

We are active learners and we want to provide you the best possible care.  We are excellent at what we do, however we don’t know absolutely everything there is to know about health.  And we certainly are not an expert about you – you are the expert on you.  We provide you the best possible care by earning your trust and by working with you not on you.

Do you want to talk to a Myomaster further?  We’d love to talk with you.

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