Cupping Therapy

Curious about cupping?

You might be familiar with pictures of athletes with large purple circles on their back.  These are cupping marks.

But there’s more than one way to cup a back!

Static Cupping

Long term pain, feeling stuck, got inflammation?

Think about cupping, you’re probably thinking about glass cups, flames and bulging flesh.  Not here.  We use an acylic  cup and a pump to control the suction

Static cupping has been used throughout Asia and Europe for centuries to treat pain and ailments.  No one knows exactly how cupping works – we do know that cupping has a local pain masking affect, it triggers blood vessels to open, draws crud to the surface and helps tight muscles to become sleepy.

The result is usually less pain and better movement … and sometimes impressive circles to show your friends.

Static Cupping

Normal, healthy muscle feels smooth, but sometimes they feel a bit like bubble wrap.  This is thought to be caused by stickiness between the layers of connective tissue and the muscles.

In glide cupping we use light pressure on the cups and run them across the skin.  It’s usually painless although feeling crackling and pulling is normal and then everything goes smooth.  The result is happy sleepy muscle.

Functional Release Cupping

Just like traditional cupping, we place cups over areas that don’t move as well as they should.  Then we get you to move.  Each movement pushes the movement boundary just a little bit further. The tissues soften and normal, healthy motion returns. It looks like it hurts.  But other than a bit of tightness and some prickling, it’s pretty comfortable.  And the results … immediate relief.

Excellent for athletes with movement restrictions.

Cupping is a wonderful therapy – ask about it at your next remedial massage appointment. We will talk to you before doing any cupping with you so don’t be afraid to ask questions. And if you plan to go out in shorts, skirt or a backless top … and you don’t like the look of the marks, then let us know – cupping is just one therapy option and it’s your choice to accept it or not.

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