Whether your a shuffler, a plodder or a full blown runner, you’ll enjoy running further, faster and easier with remedial massage.


You’re a mum you’ve decided to run just to get out and get moving.  Then it becomes 5km at your local park run then the crazy talk starts and suddenly you’re into your first marthon.  Chances are at some point you’ll pull up sore, perhaps develop a bit of an injury.

It’s important to have someone in your corner.  Someone you can trust. Someone who gets what you do so that you can keep on striving towards your goal.

At Myomasters Massage we believe that movement is living. Movement is supposed to be fun.

Myomasters has partnered with Running Mums Australia in 2021.  We’re passionate about supporting humans great and small to keep on doing the things they love so that they can bless the people around them.

Show your Running Mums Australia 2021 Member key chain and save $10 EVERY massage at Myomasters Massage.

Not a Running Mums Australia member yet?  Join now – it’s only $50 per year and you will get access to dozens of partners and you’ll meet hundreds of women who get what you do.


If you move, we probably work with you. We love every day people who are striving to do extraordinary things.  We’ve helped runners and triathletes, cyclists, gymnasts, swimmers and a multitude of other active people.


We’re remedial massage therapists – skilled at working with muscles, ligaments and tendons to reduce pain and improve movment. If you want to relax, we can help with that too.  We call our unique appoach “remedial-axation” – it’s soothing and pain relieving yet firm and satisfying.


Find us in Modbury – 20 minutes North East of the Adelaide CBD and really close to Tea Tree Plaza.


Remedial Therapist
30 Minutes$55
60 Minutes$95
90 Minutes$137.50


Relaxation, stress management, pain relief, and better sleep, are only a few of the amazing treatments that I've been fortunate enough to receive at Myomasters Massage.

Karen L



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