Pregnancy Massage

Congratulations – you’re expecting a baby.  Your body is doing something really amazing.  It is growing new life.  You need massage more than ever.

Pregnancy massage helps to reduce joint pain, oedema (swelling), muscle tension, headaches, stress and anxiety.  Massage will help you to feel more comfortable and to get a better night’s sleep. Pregnancy massage is all about you.

During this time friends and family will possibly go a little nuts in anticipation of your baby.  Your body is also diverting resources towards the health of this beautiful creation inside of you.

Your health practitioner may advise you wait until after the first trimester before seeking massage.  However, research shows that massage is safe from conception. It is important to seek out a massage therapist who is specifically certified to perform massage during pregnancy.

Our therapists have undertaken additional training specifically to perform massage during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage might include a range of techniques including long relaxing Swedish massage strokes, gentle rocking and stretching.

From 20 weeks, all massage is performed in a side laying position to reduce pressure on the growing abdomen.  It is a super comfortable and supportive position allowing good access to the back, hips and shoulders.

For more complex issues in pregnancy we may refer you to another health professional, such as a qualified women’s health physio, so that you are always in the best possible hands.

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